The TEN Legal Rights That Everyone Should Know

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It"s our civic duty to know the important laws that really impact our daily lives. As the saying goes, “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse" Therefore, we need to be ready and equip ourselves with sufficient knowledge about laws and avoid committing any crime.


I have compiled the most important ones that each and one of use need to remember.


#1 The Right To Counsel


It"s our legal right to have a lawyer especially in times that we need professional help in sorting out our difficult situations. Lawyers can provide us legal advice that could be solutions to our problems. There are a lot of benefits you could get from hiring one which I"ll discuss in another post in more details.


#2 Making Sense of Legal Documents


There are some occasions when we need to read long and confusing documents, such as having anew job, signing up for a new account and so on. One type of agreement we probably all just skip through? Those Terms of Service and privacy policies on every service or piece of software. You can quickly read through those as well. Even if breaking a Terms of Service might not necessarily be a crime, it"s still a good idea to know what you"re agreeing to especially those in very fine print!


#3 Last Will and Testament


You can never know when"s your last day on earth before you catch your final breath. Preparing your important papers especially your will can give you and your family a peace of mind especially if you"re seriously ill or suddenly met your Maker. Important information such as bank accounts, insurance and properties are necessary for you to share it with your loved ones.


#4 Employee Rights


In any job, you need to make sure that your rights as an employee are implemented. For instance, you have to receive additional pay during overtime whether your employer likes it or not. Also, employers could not prevent you from discussing your salary with your co-workers. You need to make sure you are well-protected by the law at any workplace.


#5 Air Travel Rights


As an air traveler, you have a couple of rights that you might have a vague idea of. What you can do to cancel your ticket, getting free accommodation and meals when flight is delayed and reimbursement for bumped flights, just to name a few.

#6 Renter"s Rights


Your landlord doesn"t have all the power. They strictly need to abide by state regulations to make sure you, the renter, can get fair housing. Be informed about your state laws, such as how your security deposits must be kept and whether you should expect interest on that deposit.


# 7 Rights On Arrest


Getting arrested at an unexpected time is quite terrible to experience. Know your Miranda rights, refusing a search and protect your privacy. You also need to be aware about how to act during an arrest and exercise your rights.

#8 Photography and the Law


Anyone in a public place can take pictures of anything they want. So basically, anything can be the subject of your photograph as long as you are in a public place. Publishing photos is another thing though that somehow can bring you some trouble.


#9 Dos and Don"ts While Driving


Well, this totally differs in whatever state you"re in for there are various state laws. There are some strange laws such as it"s illegal to molest a car and some penalties to go with it. Most ban texting while driving but some don"t allow to use any phone at all.


#10 Copyright


You might be just doing some typical online activities but you need to make sure you"re not making breaking copyright law. Copyright infringements are quite common nowadays especially some videos, songs and pictures. If ever you do have some original work, make sure you have it copyrighted by putting a watermark to make sure it"s protected.


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