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Asia"s Pedigree Horror Show

A year-long investigation in South East Asia by the WSPA has revealed the appalling fate of thousands of pedigree dogs. In recent years, huge numbers of dogs have been exported from Europe and the USA to supply the growing demand for pets in Asia. Today, many of these animals, as well as their offspring, have become the victims of a trade which pays little, or no, regard to animal welfare.

Okinawa Japan

Companion animals are often abused, neglected and killed in Japan. There are no laws that sufficiently protect the lives of companion animals. We strongly hope that companion animals no longer become the victims of such conducts.

Sirus Global Animal Organisation

A NZ based organisation with details about dogs in China


Anti Dogmeat Movement Headquarters

Dog Exudus From A Slaugter House

and the construction of ADMH animal shelter

Xi Chang Abattoir

Not Your Normal Abattoir


Dedicated to bring about an end to the grusome trade of dog and cat fur

Say NO WAY eBay

American petition to eBay to stop the sales of dogs on eBay China

The Treatment Of Dogs In Korea

The Ministry of Agriculture defines dogs and cats as pets and not livestock. Many Koreans claim that the right to eat dog is a matter of cultural pride stemming from a century"s old tradition. We believe however, as do many Koreans, that the habit of eating dogs gained prevalence after the Korean war due to widespread starvation. It grew in popularity after reconstruction because dog dealers and restaurants began to fabricate health benefits derived from eating dog meat. In reality, the trade in dog meat has more to do with greed and profits rather than any sort of tradition.

ACTAsia News Alert

Update on Mass killing of dogs in Beijing


International Organization for Animal Protection

Musicians Against Fur

Singers/Songwriters & Musicians Unite Against The Cat/Dog, Captive & Wild Animal Fur Trade