Breeders Beware!

Wake Up & Smell The Blood

The Korean authorities have claimed that the only dogs eaten there are the native “yellow dog" specially bred for the purpose.



On 27th June 2004, SBS TV News broadcast a video secretly filmed at a Korean dog meat market. Although it is in Korean, the images speak for themselves.


Elly Maynard, the New Zealand woman who has been working constantly over the last two years to awaken western countries to the slaughter and consumption of dogs, in particular Saint Bernards, is to go to Rome at the end of October to present her Petition.

Elly has been working tirelessly and spending her own money in her campaign, but has now come to the end of available funds. However, The Body Shop (nationwide retailer of natural toiletries, health and beauty products) has organized a raffle to help with the expenses of her trip to Rome.

Elly has a video that shows puppies bought from Australia going to pet shops and following them through to Chinese butcher shops. Breeders and owners … THIS COULD BE HAPPENING TO YOUR PUPPIES!

The United States has recently released information that a lot of “dog products" are ending up back in America. There is only one way to stop these sorts of things happening – everyone in all western countries should be aware of the likelihood of dog products being imported, should be watchful, and if any are sighted not only the manufacturer but also the importer should be boycotted!

Elly said PETA International had sent her a video of the weekend of a Korean dog slaughter, which totally put her into shock! PETA reported that the pictures were nothing compared to the actual sights and sounds!

England has shown itself to be suitably disgusted and has voted unanimously on the Second Reading of an Act to stop the export of all canines to the Far East. It seems inevitable that this will be part of British law by next year.

A New Zealand journalist will be traveling with Elly to present the petition. At the moment everyone concerned is frantically fundraising and retailer Phoenix has also begun a raffle to assist.

Elly said that the petition MUST be presented now as there is a huge world build-up with almost every major world television network covering the subject.
CBS sent its own team to China and did an excellent documentary, though of course it was whitewashed by the Chinese authorities.

The result was that the first pictures of the crossbred dogs destined for Chinese dinner tables have now come back to be displayed in front of the unsuspecting breeders who sold their pups to Asians who “had marvelous show homes for the pups to go to" or were “buying for a friend who had a fully fenced and air-conditioned home awaiting the pup".


These dogs are just like Saint Bernards only lighter. The breeding and slaughter houses are now importing Newfoundlands, Dalmatians, Great Danes and Mastiffs. These dogs have to come from western breeders. Any breeder who still is willing to sell to Asian countries (not even a chihuahua is exempt from a trial as meat) is not only showing a total lack of care over the fate of their own breeding lines, but also a cavalier attitude towards the work of all other breeders over decades to the present day to improve their breeds and breed out genetic faults. All that work was surely not carried out to improve the Korean and Chinese cuisine.

I can not speak for kennel clubs in other countries but have been personally told by New Zealand"s Kennel Club that it can NOT do anything to stop a breeder selling to someone under suspicion. The club"s charter under the Commerce Commission forbids it to become involved in any buyer-seller transactions between members, and between members and non-members. Interference could see the club operation closed down. And breeders must be under no illusion – agents of the Asian slaughter houses are members of kennel clubs, and are puppy farming in their resident country and exporting their `product" … businessmen they think … but businessmen too cowardly and money-hungry to tell unwary sellers the true destinatioin of their loved pups.

And another slant on the facts – I have a friend who has sold a pup in Malaysia. This pup has a very good Muslim home (Muslim people do not eat dog!) and is well cared for and attends shows. But it is now older and has bred … a lovely pedigree litter, but its owner is too afraid and untrusting to sell any of the pups and still has all of them, now about six months old. This excellent owner now wants to import a mate of excellent pedigree for the first dog – but as the first litter has not been sold what would happen to any more pups? You can only do so much and obviously this person can not keep 10, 18, 27 … 48 pups. Something has to give.

My friend has advised the owners to have all the pups neutered before sale, to sell only to Muslim, Bhuddist or western people and to check their homes before the sale to ensure that they are very well fenced and the potential owners know how to look after a dog. I find it very sad that such good owners live in fear of a fate that could await their beloved pups if they overlook any small indicator when a buyer comes knocking! But from the video viewing of the now public slaughterhouse dogs it is obvious that western people have been guilty of such massive gullibility as has made the establishment of those businesses possible! Breeders, wake up and smell the blood! – EP