Guide To Buying A Used Home In Jacksonville

Buying a home which is used involves not only a lower price but a number of issues that we must consider to ensure that this is a good investment.


The owner should tell you how many times the house has been repaired and what are those parts or areas that were repaired. He needs to inform you what were the areas that were expanded and renovated. With those, you will know what are the parts of the house that need attention for additional repair.


Miscellaneous contributions

Verify some community contributions or other regular services that need regular payment so that you will not be surprised of outstanding debt, as it could be an unpleasant surprise in the future.

Legal status of the house

All documents are considered as good and valid but for an assurance of peace of mind, you need to look for a lawyer to assist you to check the documents. It is also very important to ensure the legal status of the house. With this, it is very important to look for a Jacksonville title company to assist you in the closing procedure. There are lawyers who specialize in title services. Contacting them can benefit you a lot.

House parts

1.Doors and windows

These have to be inspected the moment you visit the house. You need to make sure to list down those windows or doors that need to be repaired. You have to report this to the owner incase the introduction about the house seemed not reported to be working or not. This will add to your expenses if they are not reported in advanced

 2. Faucet

Open the faucet and make sure to check if  there are no leaks. This has to be done because if this is not reported before signing the contract, it will be additional expenses to your renovation.

3.Bathrooms and toilets

Check all bathrooms and pull the lever, pay attention to the time it takes to fill the tank and verify that no strange noises are heard.


Potential conflicts

Talk to the neighbors and ask about the house. You may ask the following: Was there something unpleasant happened there? Make a checklist of all possible questions you can think that can help check the history of the house.

Remember: If you find any damage after signing the contract, your claims will not be valid and you will have to pay all these repairs so make sure to check all parts of the house and report those areas that are not in good condition.

There are more other things to do but above are the most crucial step that you need to when buying a used home.

Title Insurance: A Lawyer’s List Of FAQ

Title insurance is a policy given by an insurance company that guarantees a title of a parcel of real property that is clear of any claims and properly registered in the name of the owner and that the owner has the right to sell the property.


If you are a buyer, the first thing that you need to do is to always verify if the seller really owns the property and check all the records about the property. Make sure that you will buy a property with a clean record. With this, you need an assistance of any attorneys title services in Jacksonville, Florida to make sure that that the property is free of any clerical errors, mistakes in examining records, unknown liens or any fraud issues about the title of the property. Contacting a law firm that specializes in title and closing services makes things run smoothly.


Buyers need two policies, either an owner"s policy which protects them or a lender"s policy, which safeguards the lender. Below are FAQ about title insurance.

  • What is the coverage that I need?

Owner"s policies usually protect against a number of contingencies, such as fraud, forgery, undisclosed heirs and spousal claims. So if you want additional coverage then this could boost the insurance cost. Your lender may require additional insurance on the property.

  • Are the prices regulated?

You need to look at two factors: the quality of insurance and the title search. Your goal is to find a title company or attorney that will do a search and an underwriter that will be there in 10 or 15 years if there will be some problems that will occur in the future. Ancillary expenses like wire transfer or courier fees still add up so make sure to ask the complete transaction price, not just insurance costs.

  • Who pays?

There are two parties responsible for paying for the policies, the buyer and lender but this differs from one state to another. In some instances, the buyer pays for one, the seller, the other. There is a substantial discount if you are buying the owner"s and lender"s policies from the same company.

  • How much reassurance do I need?

Banks and insurance companies should not go under but in practice, they do. This has been a fact. If you want to verify that the underwriter who is issuing the insurance policy is currently sound then check its financial solvency with some rating companies such as Fitch Ratings and Demotech Inc.

The TEN Legal Rights That Everyone Should Know

It"s our civic duty to know the important laws that really impact our daily lives. As the saying goes, “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse" Therefore, we need to be ready and equip ourselves with sufficient knowledge about laws and avoid committing any crime.


I have compiled the most important ones that each and one of use need to remember.


#1 The Right To Counsel


It"s our legal right to have a lawyer especially in times that we need professional help in sorting out our difficult situations. Lawyers can provide us legal advice that could be solutions to our problems. There are a lot of benefits you could get from hiring one which I"ll discuss in another post in more details.


#2 Making Sense of Legal Documents


There are some occasions when we need to read long and confusing documents, such as having anew job, signing up for a new account and so on. One type of agreement we probably all just skip through? Those Terms of Service and privacy policies on every service or piece of software. You can quickly read through those as well. Even if breaking a Terms of Service might not necessarily be a crime, it"s still a good idea to know what you"re agreeing to especially those in very fine print!


#3 Last Will and Testament


You can never know when"s your last day on earth before you catch your final breath. Preparing your important papers especially your will can give you and your family a peace of mind especially if you"re seriously ill or suddenly met your Maker. Important information such as bank accounts, insurance and properties are necessary for you to share it with your loved ones.


#4 Employee Rights


In any job, you need to make sure that your rights as an employee are implemented. For instance, you have to receive additional pay during overtime whether your employer likes it or not. Also, employers could not prevent you from discussing your salary with your co-workers. You need to make sure you are well-protected by the law at any workplace.


#5 Air Travel Rights


As an air traveler, you have a couple of rights that you might have a vague idea of. What you can do to cancel your ticket, getting free accommodation and meals when flight is delayed and reimbursement for bumped flights, just to name a few.

#6 Renter"s Rights


Your landlord doesn"t have all the power. They strictly need to abide by state regulations to make sure you, the renter, can get fair housing. Be informed about your state laws, such as how your security deposits must be kept and whether you should expect interest on that deposit.


# 7 Rights On Arrest


Getting arrested at an unexpected time is quite terrible to experience. Know your Miranda rights, refusing a search and protect your privacy. You also need to be aware about how to act during an arrest and exercise your rights.

#8 Photography and the Law


Anyone in a public place can take pictures of anything they want. So basically, anything can be the subject of your photograph as long as you are in a public place. Publishing photos is another thing though that somehow can bring you some trouble.


#9 Dos and Don"ts While Driving


Well, this totally differs in whatever state you"re in for there are various state laws. There are some strange laws such as it"s illegal to molest a car and some penalties to go with it. Most ban texting while driving but some don"t allow to use any phone at all.


#10 Copyright


You might be just doing some typical online activities but you need to make sure you"re not making breaking copyright law. Copyright infringements are quite common nowadays especially some videos, songs and pictures. If ever you do have some original work, make sure you have it copyrighted by putting a watermark to make sure it"s protected.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Title Services In Huntsville?

It is a good idea for mortgage businesses in Huntsville to outsource title services as this will let them focus on their main business activities. This can help a business save time, money and effort. Buying and selling any property involves a large amount of paperwork which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

However, you can now do away with frustrating paperwork by outsourcing title services to expert professionals. This will help you devote every second of your time to serving your customers leading to an increase in profits.

By outsourcing title services, you will also be able to avoid hiring, training and accommodating professionals who provide these services. All these will be handled by the company that provides title services.

These companies have an army of well-trained professionals who have knowledge as well as experience to perform lengthy and complex processes in a significantly shorter time than in house professionals. Stringent checks are put in place by the service providers to make sure that quality is not sacrificed while speeding up title processing.

There should be a fine balance between quality and speed of operations to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that these professionals can complete the tasks assigned to them as they know exactly where to look for important information.

Service providers offering outsourced title services in Huntsville are usually paid on per case basis rather than a monthly salary. Therefore, if you hire their services, you will only have to pay a couple of hundred dollars for every case against thousands of dollars that a regular professional will have to be paid.

The total monthly amount payable after handling some such cases is usually lower than the monthly salary you will have to pay a full-time professional. The process of performing title verification before disbursing a loan can be lengthy and fraught with legal issues.

Such issue can lead to a number of loans getting delayed and tarnish your reputation. Outsourcing title services in Huntsville will shorten the lengthy process and lead to satisfied customers.

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When Dogs Bite People: The One-Bite Rule

The dog bite law is a combination of city and county ordinances, state statutory law, state case law. The majority of states make dog owners responsible for all dog bites by simply basing that they own the dog that did the biting. The victim"s legal damages are covered by homeowners and renters insurance policies purchased by dog owners, and by general liability policies.


When a dog bites a person, the person can recover full compensation from the dog owner"s insurance policy or renters insurance policy (or even from the dog owner, if he does not have any insurance). The legal grounds differs from place to place because this depends on state statutes, county and city ordinances and court decisions.


A bite victim is entitled to recover if he can prove at least one of the following scenarios:

  • The dog that bit him had bitten another person in the past, and that the dog owner is already aware that it bit that other person.
  • The dog that bit him was outside the boundaries of the owner"s house, but was not on a leash, so this in violation of the local leash law.
  • Someone did something negligent or a misleading act. With this, the victim was bitten as a result. A state or local law makes the dog owner fully liable unconditionally or may have fewer conditions than what is stated.
  • People and companies who do not own the dog can also be responsible if they are already aware that the dog was vicious but allowed the dog to come into contact with the victim.

For more specific examples of each scenario above and more information about the one bite rule, please contact a dog bite attorney in Orlando, Florida.

The One-Bite Rule

The terms “one-bite rule" and “first bite free rule" are inaccurate because a “bite" is not necessarily required. A victim has the right to recover if he can justify that the dog previously showed that it wanted to bite people and that the dog owner knew (or is aware) that the dog has been vicious. It is a knowledge for all states that a dog owner is liable if he knew that his dog had the tendency to bite people (with or without justification).

The one bite rule is still very important to know though every state has its own dog bite statute and differs from state to state. Moreover, the one-bite rule does not only applies to dog bites but also to cases involving any domestic animal.

Here"s a video about “dog bite liability":

Protecting Bingo


THAT fur trim on your jacket that you think is fake? It might be dog hair.

An animal advocacy group says its investigation has turned up coats – some with designer labels, some at higher-end retailers – with fur from man"s best friend.

Some retailers are pulling the coats from shelves, taking them off Websites and even offering refunds to consumers.

The Humane Society of the United States said it purchased coats from reputable outlets, such as upscale Nordstrom, with designer labels – Andrew Marc and Tommy Hilfiger, for example – and found them trimmed with fur from domestic dogs, even though the fur was advertised as fake."It"s an industry-wide deception," said Kristin Leppert, head of the society"s anti-fur group.

The inquiry began after the society got a tip from a consumer who bought a coat with trim labeled as faux fur that felt real.

Leppert and her team began buying coats from popular retailers and then had the coats tested by mass spectrometry, which measures the mass and sequence of proteins, to determine what species of animal the fur came from.

Of the 25 coats tested, 24 were mislabeled.Three coats – from Tommy Hilfiger"s Website, and a coat from Andrew Marc"s MARC New York line sold on – contained fur from domesticated dogs.

The others had fur from raccoon dogs, a canine species native to Asia, or, in one case, wolves. Most of the fur came from China, the society said.

In response to the society investigation, Tommy Hilfiger stopped selling the fur-trimmed garment and said it was looking into the matter. “We were quite concerned to hear of this finding," said spokeswoman Wendi Kopsick.

Nordstrom called the 62 consumers who bought vests with dog fur trim to give them the opportunity to return them, company spokeswoman Brooke White said.

She said Nordstrom no longer buys fur trim products from the vendor, who had marketed the vests as faux fur.

Charles Jayson, CEO of Andrew Marc, disputed the society findings and insisted all fur on his coats labeled as raccoon contains “only farm-bred raccoon fur from Finland, and our items labeled ‘faux fur" are a 100 percent synthetic fabric."


Humane Society Urges Crackdown on Dog Fur


WASHINGTON – A national animal rights group wants to put a group of fur retailers and manufacturers in the dog house.

The Humane Society of the United States asked the Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday to fine high-end retailers and designers of clothing that contains mislabeled fur from dogs, wolves and raccoon dogs. The group also would like inventories seized and perhaps charges filed.

“Consumers have a right to know what they are purchasing,” said Michael Markarian, the executive vice president of the Humane Society. “If they are truly getting a type of dog fur, they should be outraged.”


Important Reasons Why You Need to Hire A Lawyer

“The minute you read something that you can"t understand, you can almost be sure that it was drawn up by a lawyer. ” ― Will Rogers

In reality, not all legal matters need the professional touch of lawyers. However, there are some rather sticky situations that couldn"t possible handle alone and you require the help of an experienced lawyer. A bad divorce, DUI violation and other legal disputes that will just mess up your mind.

Each and one of us can have different situations but having a lawyer despite the expensive fee can really help us breathe better and longer.

Here are the top reasons why you it"s good to have one:

Law is Complex


If you are not a lawyer, you would probably break down into tears especially in dealing with complicated terms and laws. An experienced lawyer would find this to be just a typical day"s work for they have practiced it for years and they would know how to act in such situations.

No Lawyer = More Costs


A criminal case may result to whether or not you spend time behind bars. On the other hand, civil cases could hurt you financially. Not defending yourself properly could result to huge financial losses which costs more than hiring a lawyer.

Test  Evidence


A lawyer can challenge the authenticity of any piece of evidence against you. He can further question where the evidence came from, contradicting statements of the witness and if the crime lab did their job properly in handling such evidence.

Legal Procedures and Documents


An attorney can guide you about the protocol in filing certain legal documents. As someone who is not well-versed in law, you might get mixed up in all the documents you need to get filled. Mistakes in filing can lead to the delay of your case or even get it thrown out. A lawyer can help you avoid that ghastly situation.

Network of Professionals


Attorneys have an extended network of professionals such as private detectives that could help their client"s cases. These professionals can help challenge the opposing witness" testimony and discovering new evidences that could favor you.

Pleading is Not The Only Option


An attorney can give you options which can help you reduce and avoid possible severe penalties. Pleading guilty is not the only thing that you can do to lessen your sentence.

Fair Settlement


Sometimes trials can be eased thru some settlements or negotiations with the opposing party. An experienced lawyer can help you come to fair terms with their superb skills in negotiating.

Free Consultation


Most attorneys give a free face-to-face consultation so there"s no harm in doing it. You would be able to get a deeper understanding of your case and get more details about what you need to do.